Meet Me in Miami event recap / by jennifer schneider

The amount of time, energy, and volunteers that went into making Meet Me In Miami happen blows me away.

The amount of time, energy, and volunteers that went into making Meet Me In Miami happen blows me away.

It's been a week since we hosted Meet Me in Miami in our backyard for AIM at Melanoma and I am still basking in the afterglow  of this huge event.  I couldn’t think of a better way to  recognize  Apres Soleil launching two years ago, than to celebrate with my clients and the partners I work with throughout this community.  So, instead of throwing an anniversary party, a fundraiser benefiting a melanoma organization seemed appropriate. Special thanks to A Touch of Grace Events and Lola and Ivy for coming on board to help throw a fundraiser that had us all beaming with pride.

I look back at the days leading up to the event, the day itself, and this past week and it is such a blur.  The amount of time, energy, and volunteers that went into making Meet Me In Miami happen blows me away.  I define the success of Meet Me in Miami on two points:   1) if the guests had an incredible time and 2) if we raised awareness about the importance of early detection in the fight against melanoma.

Goal #1: Did the guests have a good time?  Let me bar provided by Dan's Bar, poolside fashion show, cabanas with cabana servers, incredible raffle items, swag bags, cuban food, dj, dancing, cops breaking up the party...Yes, I think the guests would say they had a great time.  

Goal #2: Did we raise awareness?  Yes!  I have heard from several people since our event that they made appointments to get checked by their dermatologist and bought sunscreen to use  on a daily basis.  

Clearly, we accomplished our two goals and made some money to donate to AIM at melanoma along the way. We did it!  Phew, now I can breathe or maybe not.  Those of you reading this and know me know that it won't end with Meet Me In Miami.   Nope, I haven't finished what I set out to do....yet.

Working with AIM at Melanoma was rewarding and inspired me to start thinking about how can we make a difference closer to home.  Throughout this journey I have spoken to numerous people about their own experiences with getting annual checks or their personal battles with melanoma.  Throughout these conversations I discovered that it is not as easy to get a full body check by a dermatologist as you would think.  That is just not acceptable and immediately Project Check Me Out was created.  Project Check Me Out will be launching in 2016 and our fundraising efforts will focus on providing free skin checks to people in our community.  Our #CheckMeOut tanks and tees will continue to be sold on our website and will help fund our efforts, as well as Meet Me In Miami 2016.  Look for updates on Apres Soleil's Instagram and Facebook pages and make an appointment to get yourself Checked Out!


I owe so many of you a thank you for caring and supporting our fundraiser.  A special thank you to A Touch of Grace Events and Lola and Ivy for making this possible.  We never would have had a fashion show if it wasn't for Flaunt in Danville, Atlas Mens, Dianes Beachwear, Camino Brands, I Do Dry Lounge, and Neiman Marcus.  Some businesses and individuals who went beyond and above:  Dans Bar, Jinny, itty bitty bakeshoppe, Valerie Schneider MD, Bar Method, DiPietro Todd, Skin Spirit, Brandish Studio, Lululemon, Nicole Carberry, Anne Rohr, and of course my husband and children who had to deal with Mommy not being at home very much during this time.


It all came together because of you:

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