“I started looking into alternative ways to achieve a healthy glow without the risk of further skin damage and potentially skin cancer. Orange skin and smelly solutions were not an option for me. ” - Jenny Schneider, Owner


I am excited to be able to introduce a new tanning experience to the area.  I grew up on the beaches of Southern California and exposure to the sun was a way of life. Seven years ago my dermatologist told me I needed to stay out of the sun, sun damage had already occurred and would only get worse. Eventually I was diagnosed with Skin Cancer and had to have surgery. This experience only deepened my passion for providing a quality alternative to people who wanted to avoid sun exposure and still look like they have a tan.

Airbrush Spray Tanning made the most sense and I decided to start my own company after researching the variety of products that are out on the market.   I strive to offer a naturally looking healthy tan to my clients using only the best quality products.



About Apres Soleil Tans and Boutique

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Apres Soleil, which means “after the sun” in French, is an innovative airbrush tan that specializes in the art and science of sunless tanning. Our mission is to provide clients with a consistent, natural-looking Airbrush Tan that is perfectly customized to individual skin type and personal preference.

Through world-class tanning products and friendly customer service, Apres Soleil maximizes the benefits that can be achieved through Airbrush Tanning. We are eager to share our knowledge with all those seeking to maintain a healthy and youthful glow on a year-round basis.

We are conveniently located in Walnut Creek and offer free parking.