Here comes the bride

Want a bridal glow for your wedding day that doesn’t involve baking your skin with dangerous UV rays? Try an airbrush spray tan! You’ll want to look radiant in your photos, and a real tan can appear fake next to a white dress.

A trial Airbrush Tan is recommended, but not necessary. We want to make sure your wedding glow is perfect for you. We take into consideration your skin type, time of year, and your fiance's skin tone to help determine the best solution for you.

Book a group of four or more for your wedding and everyone receives a discounted tan.

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The Cons

Are there really any?

Our technicians will be up-close-and-personal, so if you are a self-conscious person, this thought may make you squirm in your seat. But not to worry, just like doctors, we’ve seen it all. Seeing some bare skin does not provide the same shock-value to us; plus, this is a great time to embrace your body and face your fears (insert power chick air-snap here).


The Pros

There are plenty of reasons why, but here are a few.

A spray tan is quick and easy. A mere 20-minute appointment will give you up to 10 days of a truly seamless glow. Stretch marks, scars, and cellulite will seem to fade away. Furthermore, our spray tans are customized, so your technician can fine-tune the hue that is best for you. The focus will be on you, and not your tan.  Long gone are the days of orange tans!

Photographer - Kelly Boitano

The Preparation

Do a trial run three-four weeks before your big day. Photograph yourself two days after to get a good idea of what you will look like at your wedding!

Before getting your spray tan, make sure that your beauty routine is complete. This includes, nails, facials, waxing, shaving, and the like. These things can fade your spray tan. Shower and exfoliate beforehand as well, taking special care of the armpit area where deodorant likes to stick and linger on the skin. Check out our special exfoliant product to ensure a clean canvas for your tan!

It is important not to wear lotion or deodorant to your spray tan appointment.

It's a Group Effort

Spray tans aren’t just for the bride.

We offer wedding tanning packages and discounts to help make your day even more picture-perfect. You don’t want one bridesmaid showing up with a booth tan while everyone else has a natural glow, as it will show in pictures. The same goes for the men. Yes, men can get spray tans, too. A pasty groom and a radiant bride do not photograph well together. Get both parties involved or make it a family affair!



Wedding Party Tan Package

Get $45 spray tans when 4 or more of your
bridal party or guests book tans for your wedding


Photographer - Stacey Pentland

The AfterGlow

Just like you relationship, your tan needs time to develop!

Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. Avoid showering or sweating for 8-12 hours since your tan is still developing. Bring a towel to sit on if it’s hot outside, especially if you have leather seats. Moisturizing is key! We offer our Tan Extender and every day Apres Soleil Moisturizer to help your customized spray tan last longer.  Both will extend your tan up to three days and won’t turn you into an orange creature.


Congrats, and enjoy your Bridal Glow! Explore our latest tanned brides by clicking here: #apressoleilbride

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